Beauty at Sea

Welcome to our first post! We will start off our blog with a post about beauty!

Fishing is hard work. We spend hours at the lake, river, ocean, and sometimes we come home empty handed. No matter how hard we work throughout the day, somethings never change; when we go home to our husbands, we have to return to our lady like selves and stay pretty for them. Now I know, we are in the 21st century and there will be many women out there who do not agree with our ideology of being a “woman”, but us group of ladies have a more traditional outlook and believe that we should be pleasing our man whenever we’re home. But sometimes, it’s hard to be a sexy fisherman; imagine spending hours out in the sun or rain with water constantly splashing against your face, it is very hard to stay sexy. We’ve tried everything from waterproof makeup to drying in our eyebrows with permanent markers, nothing really works.

It was one stormy night on the ship where us ladies were kicking it back watching youtube videos on makeup. There was a famous blogger who was doing a video on microblading. Now forgive us if we’re slow to this trend, but we were absolutely mindblower with what it can do for us! A semi permanent tattoo that doesn’t fade, doesn’t bleed, doesn’t need maintenance – this was a perfect match for us ladies. The only issue was, where the heck would be able to find a place that does microblading from where we’re at! We didn’t even know where to begin our search and had no idea how to even properly search for it. We came across a website called Built By Beauty that provided us with an overview of what microblading was and some key facts about the procedure. But what really got us interested was the fact that they had a city finder of local microblading technicians close to us. We went through their list of supported cities and found a microblading technician close to us!

Anyways, fast forward 2 weeks after our microblading procedure, we’ve become obsessed with the results! Our eyebrows are so easy to maintain and the recovery process was as simple as it gets! We continued to search through Built By Beauty and we found a lash lifting page that we plan to explore after! We still don’t know whether we will get lash lift done or not yet, as we do work in pretty harsh conditions. With all the rain and ocean water constantly splashing on our face, lash lift results may not be the best suited for us. It’s tough being a woman in our field; we care about how we look and care about how others view us, but we also have a job to do!

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